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Fortinet Grace Period Policy starting 01.01. 23

Communication Regarding Fortinet Service Activation Policy Improvements

FortiCareTM and FortiGuardTM Service Contract Grace Period Change


Fortinet is announcing an upcoming change to its FortiCare Support and FortiGuard Subscription contract “Grace Period” policy. The change simplifies the policy in order to provide greater clarity and consistency, no matter how such contracts are purchased.

Effective January 1st 2023, all new FortiCare Support contracts and all new FortiGuard Subscription

contracts (“Service Contracts”) will auto-start after 60 days in the USA and Canada, and after 90 days in all other countries, unless the contracts are registered and activated previously. The new policy will apply irrespective of whether such Service Contracts were sold in a bundle with hardware, in a bundle with other services, or as stand-alone Service Contracts. These above-mentioned periods of 60 and 90 days (“Grace Periods”) start with shipment from Fortinet, irrespective of when products arrive at a partner or end customer.

Summary of Current vs. New Policy

Purchase Method

Current Policy
(US & Canada / Rest of World)

New Policy effective January 1, 2023
(US & Canada / Rest of World)

Bundles of hardware, FortiCare support, and FortiGuard subscriptions

Auto-start after 60 days / 100 days
if not previously registered

Auto-start after 60 days / 90 days
if not previously registered

Bundles of FortiCare support and FortiGuard subscriptions

No auto-start, forfeiture after 365 days / 365 days
if not previously registered

Standalone FortiGuard subscriptions

No auto-start, forfeiture after 365 days / 365 days
if not previously registered

Standalone FortiCare support

No auto-start, forfeiture after 365 days / 365 days
If not previously registered

Please note:

  1. The new terms are not retroactive and will not be applied to existing contracts dated before January 1, 2023. This new policy also does not override any signed, bespoke agreements.
  2. Other term-based subscription licenses (e.g. virtual machines, SaaS offerings, client software, etc.), Enterprise Agreements, or perpetually licensed software offerings do not have grace periods and are not affected by this policy change.
  3. Fortinet’s Continuous Support Policy remains in effect. Renewals of FortiCare support and FortiGuard subscription contracts do not have a Grace Period and should start from the end of the previous contract.

On January 1, 2023, documentation on Fortinet.com and the Fortinet Support Portal will reflect the new policy.


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